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eLitmus Logical reasoning sample 1


Answer the question based on following information:-

There are two containers each having balls of two colours green and red. The ratio of green balls to red balls in the first container is 2:3 and in the second container is 2:1. N balls are randomly picked from the first container and transferred to second container. The ratio of green balls to red balls in the second container now becomes 1:1. However, the ratio of balls in the first container remains 2:3.
Question 1 ]
If N=10, what is the original number of balls in the second container.
        D.None of these
Explanation : A

The original no. of ball in 2nd container are in ratio 2:1.

Among the options only 6 can be divided in that ratio.

Question 2]

If the number of balls in the first container is 25, find the value of N for which the final number of balls in the second container becomes 24.
        D.None of these
Explanation : C

Initially the 2nd container ratio is 2:1

So, if 5 ball were transferred 24-5=19 , can't be in 2:1 ratio

Similarly,  for 10 : 24-10=14.

Therefore it has to be 15.


Answer the question based on following information:-

A shopkeeper has three types of rice pocket.all pocket is multiple of one kg. there are 4 persons A, B,C,D, each take exact two packet. and take 11kg, 12kg, 16kg, and 17kg respectively then

Question 3]
How much maximum weight taken by any person ?
        A.     16
        B.     18
        C.     12
        D.     10
Explanation : B
A takes two packet 8+3=11
B takes two packet 9+3=12
C takes two packet 8+8=16
D takes two packet 9+8=12

Maximum weight of two packet= 9+9=18.

Question 4 ]
How much minimum weight taken by any person ?
Explanation : C

Minimum weight of two packets= 3+3= 6.

Each question is followed by two statements. You have to decide whether the information provided in the statements is sufficient for answering the question.
Mark A If the question can be answered by using one of the statements alone, but cannot be answered by using the other statements alone.
Mark B If the question can be answered by using either statement alone.
Mark C If the question can be answered by using both statements together, but cannot be answered by using the either statement alone.
Mark D If the question cannot be answered even by using both the statements together.

Question 5]
What is the number of type-2 widgets produced, if total number of widgets produced is 20,000 ?
(I) If the production of type-1 widgets increases by 10% and that of type-2 decreases by 6%, the total production remains the same.
(II) The ratio in which type-1 and type-2 widgets are produced is 2 : 1.
        A.     A
        B.     B
        C.     C
        D.     D
Explanation : B

Question 6]
What is the total worth of Lakhriram’s assets ?
 (I) A compound interest at 10% on his assets, followed by a tax of 4% on the interest, fetches him Rs. 1500 this year.
(II) The interest is compounded once every four months.
        A.     A
        B.     B
        C.     C
        D.     D
Explanation : C

Question 7]
What is the selling price of the article ?

 (I)  The profit on sales is 20%.

(II) The profit on each unit is 25% and the cost price is Rs 250.
        A. A
        B. B
        C. C
        D. D
Explanation : A

Question 8]

Is x = y ?

(I)  (x + y) (1/x + 1/y) = 4.

(II) (x – 50)(x – 50)=(y – 50)(y – 50).
        A. A
        B. B
        C. C
        D. D
Explanation : A


A multiplication is given below where each letter stands for a single digit numbers and no two numbers are represented by the same letter.

                    A    P    R

        *         O    C    T


             P    U    R    A

      R    O    J    R

R    E    C    U


R    A    A    J    A    A

Question 9]
Which of the following set contains only even numbers ?
        A.     A, R, C
        B.     A, P, R
        C.     P, R, O
        D.     O, C, T
Explanation : A

A=4, P=3, R=2, O=5, C=6, T=7, J=9, U=0, E=1
                 4  3  2
        *      5  6  7
           3  0  2  4
      2  5  9  2
 2  1  6  0
2  4  4  9  4  4

Question 10]
Which of the following set contains odd numbers ?
        A.     A, P, R
        B.     T, O, P
        C.     J, T, C
        D.     R, O, C
Explanation : B

Question 11]
Value of A ?
        A.     1
        B.     2
        C.     3
        D.     4
Explanation : D

Five different film actors namely Amit, Shahrukh, Anil, Sunil and Akshay are engaged in the shooting of five different movies with five different actresses Madhuri, Kareena,  Aishwarya, Shilpa, and Juhi not necessarily in the same order, in different studios. The director of each film decided to set a record by making the films as early as possible.
(i) Aishwarya’s studio is between Amit’s and Akshay’s studios.
(ii) Shahrukh’s director who doesn’t have Aishwarya as an actress in the shooting took three fourths as many as the number of days taken by Sunil’s Director.
(iii) Akshay’s studio number is 417.
(iv) Anil’s film took more days than Amit’s,  while Amit’s film took more days than Aishwarya’s to get finalised.
(v) The director from studio number 418 took 16 days lesser then the director from studio number 415, to complete his film.
(vi) Shilpa’s film took 8 days more than Amit’s and two days more than Juhi’s.
(vii) Madhuri’s studio number is 416.
(viii) Madhuri’s film took 8 day less then Aishwarya’s film and Anil’s films took maximum number of days for completion.

Question 12]
Who is opposite of Kareena in her film ?
        A.     Amit
        B.     Shahrukh
        C.     Akshay
        D.     Sunil
Explanation : A

Question 13]
The director of which studio made the film in the least number of days ?
        A.     415
        B.     416
        C.     417
        D.     418
Explanation : B

Question 14 of 20 You did not attempt this Question.
Name of the actress of studio No. 417 ?
        A.     Kareena
        B.     Aishwarya
        C.     Juhi
        D.     None
Explanation : C

Question 15 of 20 You did not attempt this Question.

Sunil’s film was completed in ?
        A. 44 days
        B. 40 days
        C. 32 days
        D. None
Explanation : C

Question 16 of 20 You did not attempt this Question.

Anil’s opposite was ?
Explanation : C


Answer the questions based on the following information:-

The following table shows the break-up of actual costs incurred by a company in last five years (year 2002 to year 2006) to produce a particular product. The production capacity of the company is 2000 units. The selling price for the year 2006 was Rs. 125 per unit. Some costs change almost in direct proportion to the change in volume of production, while others do not follow any obvious pattern of change with respect to the volume of production and hence are considered fixed. Using the information provided for the year 2006 as the basis for projecting the figures for the year 2007, answer the following questions.

Question 17]

What is the approximate cost per unit in rupees, if the company produces and sells 1400 units in the year 2007?
        A. 104
        B. 107
        C. 110
        D. 120
Explanation : B

This is a problem on fixed and variable values.

The varying values are : Material, Labour and Operating cost of machines.

i.e : 50x + 20x + 30x = 100x (x = No. of components manufactured)

Fixed Cost = 1400 + 1200 + 400 + 800 + 5800 = Rs.9600

Over all Price = 100x + 9600.

X = 1400 Units.

Per unit price = [(100 * 1400) + 9600] / 1400 = 106.8 ≈ 107.

Question 18]

What is the minimum number of units that the company needs to produce and sell to avoid any loss?
        A. 313
        B. 350
        C. 384
        D. 747
Explanation : D

To avoid any loss, CP ≤ SP.

i.e. 100x + 9600 ≤ 125x, We get x ≥ 384.

Question 19]

If the company reduces the price by 5%, it can produce and sell as many units as it desires. How many units should the company produce to maximize its profit?
        A. 1400
        B. 1600
        C. 1800
        D. 2000
Explanation : D

New SP = 0.95*125 = Rs.118.75

Profit = 118.75x - 100x - 9600.

             =18.75x - 9600.

The above expression attains the max. value at x= 2000, because 2000 Units is the maximum capacity.

Question 20]

Given that the company cannot sell more than 1700 units, and it will have to reduce the price by Rs. 5 for all units, if it wants to sell more than 1400 units, what is the maximum profit, in rupees, that the company can earn?
        A. 25400
        B. 24400
        C. 31400
        D. 32900
Explanation : A

For 1400 units : Profit = 1400 * 125 - [1400 * 100 + 9600 ] = 25400.

For 1700 Units : We get profit lower than above.

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