Friday, 1 September 2017

eLitmus Syllabus Pattern [Previous year]

There are three section in each eLitmus exam Quantitative, Logical and English. All the section contains 20 questions. Although eLimus never unveil the Pattern of exam but based on the experience and data from student everything is predictable !
  1. Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus

  • Number Systems [3-5 Ques.]
  • Perm. & Comb [2-3 Ques.]
  • Probability [1-3 Ques.]
  • Time, Speed & Distance [2-3 Ques.]
  • Quadratic Equations [2 Ques.]
  • Geometry [1-2 Ques.]
  • Averages [1-2 Ques.]
  • Coordinate Geometry [1-2 Ques.]
  • Logarithms [1-2 Ques.]    
  1. English Syllabus

  • Paragraph Jumbles [3 Ques.]
  • Eng. Usage Vocabulary [3 Ques.]
  • Eng. Usage Subj- Verb [4 Ques.]
  • Reading Comp  [2x4 Ques.]
  1. Logical reasoning Syllabus

  • Data Sufficiency [4-5 Ques.]
  • Arrangement Problem [4-5 Ques.]
  • Bar/Pie Chart Probs [3-4 Ques.]
  • Cryptarithmetic Problem [3 Ques.]
  • Misc [4-5 Ques.]    

Tips for Preparation.

In each section of eLitmus there will be 20 - 20 Questions.
Dont try to attempt all the questions because it is almost impossible.
If you attend 9, 10, 16 correct questions in Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning and English respectively You will get a very good percentile.
There is negative marking only if your correct vs incorrect ratio is more than 9:3.
You have to prepared for each section because each section to be counts as individual.
Your score will be measured as PH test.
 Note] You will easily get 90+ Percentile by preparing only above Topics. If you want to be on 'top of eLitmus' then go for all other topic too. !


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